Bavarian Ministry for Education promotes Muuvit!

As part of it´s Healthy Schools initiative, the Bavarian Ministry for Education is promoting the Muuvit program towards primary school teachers in the federal state with around 500.000 pupils.

In Bavaria, the programme is delivered in cooperation with the Audi BKK health insurance.

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New WHO study: 1 in 4 adults are physically inactive! What about children?

New WHO estimates on levels of physical activity in adults are alarming

New data published in The Lancet Global Health show that more than one in four adults - globally 1.4 billion - globally are physically inactive. However this can be as high as one in three adults inactive in some countries. Hence, the new Global Action Plan on Physical Activity sets the target to reduce physical inactivity by 10% by 2025 and 15% by 2030.

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Kids will follow their parents. The German example.

We at Muuvit are particularly interested in seeing the forthcoming publication of levels of participation in children. Our partner, the German Health Insurance company AOK, released a “Family study” in the summer, stating that only 10% of German children fulfill the WHO recommendation - 1 hour - for daily physical activity. Alarming is the fact that only one third of German families state that physical activity does not play any or just a minor role at home. Less than half of the families told to go for a walk or ride a bike every day. As children will follow their parents and peers, more than just political action is required to change this trend.

Regular physical inactivity increases peoples risk of poor health, including cardiovascular disease, several types of cancer and diabetes, falls, as well as mental health conditions.

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Muuvit wins German health insurer AOK

Improved health competence for primary school children in Saxony-Anhalt

The child health promoter Muuvit is proud to present AOK as its newest partner in Germany. The AOK is one of the largest health insurances in Germany and insures more than 25 million people – almost one third of the population.

The focus of the cooperation is to increase children’s awareness, knowledge and skills to strengthen their health potential and capabilities. From August onwards primary schools in Saxony-Anhalt can use the Muuvit program for free. With the Muuvit program, educators help their students acquire health literacy skills in the areas of exercise, nutrition and relaxation.

"Our goal is to promote the health awareness and responsibility of the children and their families. This is why we are really looking forward to the cooperation with Muuvit!”:

says Gerriet Schröder, Head of Prevention Programs at AOK Saxony-Anhalt.

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Kristin Pupp, Marketing & Communication Manager

Educational certificate for Muuvit!

Muuvit! is proud to receive a pedagogical top quality certificate. The Kokoa Education Standard evaluation consists of pedagogical and learning engagement parts. The criteria is based on 21st century skills and Finnish understanding of efficient learning.

Kokoa Muuvit.png

Healthy behaviour as the goal, learning experience as an additional benefit

Muuvit platform is primarily designed to inspire children to move more, but it also helps educators to offer a learning experience along the way. Educators can register their classes free of charge and take them on a learning adventure. Muuvit supports both phenomenon and project based learning.

Evaluation summary:

  • The solution requires students' active engagement to progress and extract new information on different locations on the world map.
  • The solution promotes enjoyment of learning and rewards user after progression in a meaningful and fun way. 
  • The solution supports learning new things through creative tasks and promotes using existing knowledge in order to build new understanding.
  • Muuvit gives a lot of autonomy for learners to freely explore content and form individual learning paths.

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Muuvit as an Innovation Showcase at WISH Qatar 2016

Behavioural change for a healthier population

The World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) is a global community dedicated to developing an evidence base for healthcare policy. WISH captures and disseminates the best ideas and practices to help address the greatest healthcare challenges. WISH is a platform of the Qatar Foundation. 

Muuvit! had the priviledge to be among the WISH 2016 Innovation Showcases, representing some of the world’s most exciting innovations, ranging from practical devices and business models, to design-based solutions and community engagement. 

Search for simple ways to improve health outcomes

Two key themes of the WISH 2016 were behavioural insights and healthy populations. Themes led by Dr David Halpern of the Behavioural Insights Team and Sue Siegel of GE Ventures were searching for simple ways to improve health outcomes and respectively, designing strategies to improve population health.

As individual health behaviour is the key determinant of health in general, Muuvit´s replicable concept of health promotion and community engagement gained much interest among the world’s leading health experts and decision makers – from Oslo, to Mongolia to Maldives including such eminent figures as HRH Princess Ghida Al-Talal of Jordan.

HRH Princess Ghida Al-Talal of Jordan and Nada Alabed Almahdi from the International Development Department visiting Muuvit stand

HRH Princess Ghida Al-Talal of Jordan and Nada Alabed Almahdi from the International Development Department visiting Muuvit stand

Finland meets Mongolia! Dr. Pekka Puska, Mr. Tsogtbaatar Byambaa and Muuvit CEO Mika Merikanto

Finland meets Mongolia! Dr. Pekka Puska, Mr. Tsogtbaatar Byambaa and Muuvit CEO Mika Merikanto

Muuvit´s going EAST - Making healthy choices easy!

Dr Halpern´s report on behavioural insights focused on the pragmatic side of the solutions, that; unlike policy level processes; need to be Easy, Attractive, Social and Timely (EAST) to have an impact on population health. This being one of the key reasons, why Muuvit was selected as an Innovation Showcase in the first place.


Muuvit´s CEO and co-founder Mika Merikanto agrees with Dr Halperns summary and adds that: „Muuvit is about acquiring new participants for a healthy lifestyle. And about activating the target group in a young age. It is a long way to „EAST“, but we are on a good path and making progress!“.

Finally, the Summit urged politicians and executives to prfioritize health in their investments. Especially in health promotion and early intervention, before the health challenges such as obesity or diabetes even arise. Again in this respect, Muuvit is well positioned as a proven methodology for activating and engaging with children and their health!

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VfL Wolfsburg goes Muuvit!

Another year of Muuvit action with our long-term partner VfL Wolfsburg has officially started. New school year started with a special event at Gebrüder-Grimm-School at Gifthorn in Germany. 

Click the picture to see the event at Gebrüder-Grimm-School

Click the picture to see the event at Gebrüder-Grimm-School

Since the start of our cooperation more than 40'000 children from Vfl Wolfsburg's partner school have participated in the Muuvit Adventure. Lets Muuvit! 

Microsoft Education and Muuvit start cooperation

Education innovation through physical activity and technology

The goal of Microsoft and Muuvit is to create activating, participatory and engaging experiences for the classroom. This will help teachers to inspire students to get active and enjoy learning in a new inspiring way combining technology and real-life activities.

Cooperation will start with Skype in the classroom - integration onto the Muuvit platform. As a result, the Muuvit classes in Finland and in different countries can communicate with one another, to undertake virtual field trips or to interview experts and guest speakers in various fields.

"Muuvit´s underlying goal is to make the school day active and fun. Thanks to the cooperation with Microsoft Education we are able to combine physical activity and the joy of learning even in a more innovative way. With Microsoft and Skype in the classroom we start to build active bridges between our classes from the Arctic Circle to Copacabana. ": says Muuvit Health and Learning's Managing Director Mika Merikanto

Marianna Halonen of Microsoft Education continues that: " The cooperation with Muuvit is a great example of how technology can promote children's physical activity, learning and international networking.“ 


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Mika Merikanto, CEO Muuvit (

Marianne Halonen, Microsoft (

Finland House in Rio Olympics - Muuvit presenting Finnish excellence in education

Finland House is the first ever high-end Finnish hospitality house concept in the history of the Olympic Games. Finland House is situated in the central Rio and be open until 21 August, 2016. Finland House, showcasing education is the venue for exclusive business and sport-related events, ministerial and presidential visits, and the Finnish Olympic Team press conferences.

Muuvit showcasing Finnish excellence in education on the 18th August.

At the Finland House, Muuvit will be demonstrating its product to the visitors. The Muuvit platform combines physical activity and learning and serves as a tool for teachers to inspire kids to acquire active lifestyle and learn in an interdisciplinary way.

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Minister for education of Finland, Mrs. Sanni Grahn-Laasonen and Maxwill Braga of Muuvit Brazil at the Finland House in Rio de Janeiro.

Minister for education of Finland, Mrs. Sanni Grahn-Laasonen and Maxwill Braga of Muuvit Brazil at the Finland House in Rio de Janeiro.