Muuvit launching in the UK - Physical activity and creativity combined

We are exited to announce that Muuvit will be working together with Wolverhampton City Council.  The first version of the new digital platform for activity based learning is to be launched after mid-term in November.

Physical activity, innovation and creativity combined

The aim is to increase the level of physical activity amongst young people whilst also collaborating with others and using the latest technology to present innovative and creative content.

Here's what Gavin Havkings, Learning Technologies Manager at Wolverhampton City Council has to say about the Muuvit:  

"Wolverhampton City Council’s Learning Technologies Team are proud to be working with Muuvit to develop an online digital platform aimed at raising young people’s physical activity whilst learning about their local area and creating digital content."

The Wolverhampton Muuvit experience will require young people to work with their peers in classrooms to undertake daily physical activity in order to gain “air-miles” to progress along a virtual route within the City and surrounding areas. Gavin continues:

"As the young people complete their physical activity they will “arrive” at a virtual location and be presented for example with video content relating to such locations as Molineux, Queen’s Square, Moseley Old Hall and RAF Cosford. The Young People will then be start a digital challenge to produce a piece of film, animation, artwork or digital postcard to share with their peer through the online platform."


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