New WHO study: 1 in 4 adults are physically inactive! What about children?

New WHO estimates on levels of physical activity in adults are alarming

New data published in The Lancet Global Health show that more than one in four adults - globally 1.4 billion - globally are physically inactive. However this can be as high as one in three adults inactive in some countries. Hence, the new Global Action Plan on Physical Activity sets the target to reduce physical inactivity by 10% by 2025 and 15% by 2030.

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Kids will follow their parents. The German example.

We at Muuvit are particularly interested in seeing the forthcoming publication of levels of participation in children. Our partner, the German Health Insurance company AOK, released a “Family study” in the summer, stating that only 10% of German children fulfill the WHO recommendation - 1 hour - for daily physical activity. Alarming is the fact that only one third of German families state that physical activity does not play any or just a minor role at home. Less than half of the families told to go for a walk or ride a bike every day. As children will follow their parents and peers, more than just political action is required to change this trend.

Regular physical inactivity increases peoples risk of poor health, including cardiovascular disease, several types of cancer and diabetes, falls, as well as mental health conditions.

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