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Educational certificate for Muuvit!

Muuvit! is proud to receive a pedagogical top quality certificate. The Kokoa Education Standard evaluation consists of pedagogical and learning engagement parts. The criteria is based on 21st century skills and Finnish understanding of efficient learning.

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Healthy behaviour as the goal, learning experience as an additional benefit

Muuvit platform is primarily designed to inspire children to move more, but it also helps educators to offer a learning experience along the way. Educators can register their classes free of charge and take them on a learning adventure. Muuvit supports both phenomenon and project based learning.

Evaluation summary:

  • The solution requires students' active engagement to progress and extract new information on different locations on the world map.
  • The solution promotes enjoyment of learning and rewards user after progression in a meaningful and fun way. 
  • The solution supports learning new things through creative tasks and promotes using existing knowledge in order to build new understanding.
  • Muuvit gives a lot of autonomy for learners to freely explore content and form individual learning paths.

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