What can your organization do with Muuvit?



Promote a desired activity in your target group and reward it!



Deliver educational and inspirational messages and contents



Let users engage with your contents, messages and brand.

Simple logic, easy adaption!


Get Active

Users earn points by being (physically) active.

B2B customization:
Select a desired activity to be rewarded.


Discover and Learn

Users spend points in a virtual adventure with learning contents. 

B2B customization:
Select desired contents and messages to be delivered.

Gain Rewards

With our family version users engage in Muuvit and gain consumer benefits.

B2B customization:
Select consumer benefits to be deployed.

Adaptable elements at your service!


1. digital and print elements

Muuvit is a hybrid product and you can decide the elements to be applied. Small kids, teachers and parents appreciate appealing printed materials.

2. adventure maps

The first and most traditional gamification concept of Muuvit are geographic or thematic adventure maps. This is where the users spend their earned rewards.

3. Destinations with contents

The maps have geographic or thematic destinations, where your contents and messages for especially children and parents are integrated.

4. Educators space and tools

Educators have their own space to login and to manage their class and pupils. This your main forum to engage with educators and provide them relevant information.

5. Content and task creation tools

With these easy-to-use tools we - or you yourself - can adapt, modify and integrate your contents into an engaging and fun context of Muuvit!

How do we deliver it?


Service set-up

Here we set-up Muuvit elements to serve your context and channels.



This is maintenance, help-desk and support for you and your users.



We charge a set-up fee and a management fee per user or time.