Value and key benefits

More than digital

Muuvit is more than digital. It promotes real life activities, such as physical activity and teamwork.

Authentic and validated

Muuvit has a positive and validated social impact. It was born in Finnish schools 16 years ago and is currently applied between the Arctic Circle and Copacabana.

Replicable and scalable

Muuvit is replicable and scalable. It is and can be applied in several countries and languages. In a school and family context.

Easily adaptable

Muuvit is easily adaptable. Activate existing contents, channels and campaigns. This improves your Return on Investment.


Examples of our work

Duden Publishing Company

Educational publishing company Duden uses Muuvit as a delivery channel for educational contents.


Rio de Janeiro education council

Education authority of Rio de Janeiro applies Muuvit in primary schools.


VfL Wolfsburg Fussball GmbH

German Bundesliga club applies Muuvit as a community engagement vehicle in schools.


International Olympic Committee

Muuvit is a delivery vehicle of the Olympic Values Education Programme "OVEP".


Audi Health insurance - Germany

Health insurance company Audi BKK applies Muuvit as a health promotion and communication vehicle.

IKK Health insurance - Germany

Health insurance company IKK Südwest, applies Muuvit as a health promotion and communication vehicle.

Muuvit as a benchmark

Muuvit is an engaging free learning and exercising programme for the kids in the school setting. It helps teachers to integrate physical activity into various subjects taught in schools

World Union of Olympic Cities


This free interactive education tool can be applied for different subjects, such as arithmetic, environment, geographic, etc. It makes learning more flexible, creative and fun



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